Karaoke parties in St Albans

Are you looking for Karaoke Parties in St Albans?

Diamond Discos have enjoyed holding karaoke parties in St Albans for a number of years. Often we’ve been asked to combine karaoke and disco for one off events such as birthday parties, corporate gatherings or even weddings. We are also regulars in pubs, social clubs and hotels.

Wherever we might be, there is always a togetherness. We try to build a rapport with the crowd, make them feel relaxed so that they enjoy listening to others but also feel confident enough to come up and sing themselves. We all know about those who take the mic and don’t want to let it go all night, handing in 5 or 6 slips at once and hoping to do their very own show. For us this is not what karaoke is about. It’s about sharing the experience. Yes, by all means hand in the requests early, don’t wait until the end when a few beers or glasses of wine have given you the push, only to realize that there is just 10 minutes left. You can always ask to be called up later on. Rotation of singers and a supportive, cheerful atmosphere is what we try to create.

We also insist on respect for those that have come up to sing. That means you let them enjoy it alone. They’ve chosen the song they want to sing, so don’t toddle up, take the second microphone and sing along with them, unless of course they give you a nod and a wink. If they are floundering slightly they may well even squeal for help, and you jumping off your seat could be a relief for them.
Of course there are also many occasions when a large group will come to the front and blast out a classic together. “I will survive”, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “Bat out of Hell” and of course “Bohemian Rhapsody”are all common examples of this and often get the whole room singing. What could be better than exercising those lungs and experiencing all those other emotional and physical elements of Well Being that singing brings.

So come along and join us at one of our Karaoke parties in St Albans or around the Hertfordshire or North London area and choose from 30,000 songs from the 1940s right up to the current chart releases. Come and have fun!

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